My Brother’s Keeper

Daily Devotions in the Faith that Unites Us

Written by Messianic Jews, Israeli Christians & Palestinian Christians
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The body of believers in Jesus in the land of the Bible is statistically a small minority of the population. Some might say it is an insignificant minority, but they would be wrong. The church of Jesus Christ, those whom God has called out to be His own, stands in the place of highest significance and strategic importance.

While Jesus prayed that His church might be one, many forces are at work to make divisions in what God intended to be a united witness to the truth of Jesus. Politics, ethnic identities, doctrinal and cultural differences, all these push themselves forward, claiming to be more important than the unity of the believers. If we think about it, we know it is a lie, but still we are pulled too easily into the views of the world that does not have Jesus.

These devotional readings, published simultaneously in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, were initiated by the three Bible Societies that operate together in this land: the Bible Society in Israel, the Palestinian Bible Society, and the Arab Israeli Bible Society. The book’s name, My Brother’s Keeper, declares that we are brothers and sisters first of all. Before we are Israelis or Palestinians, Arabs or Jews, we are redeemed children of God with one Father and one Lord, sharing one main reason for being here on this earth and in this land: to glorify God as we live lives that reflect His character. About forty people contributed the pieces found in these pages. They are evenly divided between Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews and people who fellowship with one type of congregation or the other. The names of the contributors have not been included in the book. Their love for God and their risen Lord is evident throughout, and that is identity enough.

It is hoped that as you read these pieces the Spirit of God will encourage you. We pray that you will be blessed by knowing that these words were written by a brother or sister who has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb just as you were, and that their love for Jesus is just as strong and genuine as yours is.

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Unless otherwise indicated, quotations are from the Good News Translation. When another translation is used, it is indicated in parentheses: CEV (Contemporary English Version), ESV (English Standard Version), NAS (New American Standard Bible), NIV (New International Version), NTL (New Living Translation), REB (Revised English Bible), RSV (Revised Standard Version).

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