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God's Faithfulness (23 June)

Moses said to the people, "Remember this day-the day on which you left Egypt, the place where you were slaves. This is the day the Lord brought you out by his great power. . . . This observance will be a reminder, like something tied on your hand or on your forehead; it will remind you to continue to recite and study the Law of the Lord, because the Lord brought you out of Egypt by his great power."
Exodus 13:3, 9

People tend to forget. This is why, as a mother and an educator, I find myself repeating, revising, and re-teaching over and over again. People tend to forget. We forget the bad and it doesn't hurt quite so much. However, we can often forget the good and the times that the Lord has shown himself mighty on our behalf, when we were delivered out of one problem or another.

On the Jewish Sabbath table there are two candles. One stands for "observe" and the other stands for "remember."

I find that an exercise of thankfulness and remembrance is one of the best cures for depression and lethargy. It can catapult me into joy and energy. A simple recitation of all that the Lord has done is enough to lift the darkest cloud from over our heads and put sunshine back in our hearts.

Try it! Remember how you were lost and the Lord sought you and found you and brought you to himself? Remember all of your early questions that he so lovingly and patiently answered? Remember how you prayed and the answer came? Remember how you prayed and the answer was, "No," and then later you discovered that you had been saved from what would have been a disaster?

In the Jewish Hagaddah (the "telling" of the Passover story), we are told to view the story as though we ourselves had been delivered from slavery, and, in fact, this is true!

We have been called "out of darkness into his marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9).

Remember his faithfulness and rejoice!

- 23 JUNE -

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